My Month As A Vegetarian!

I made it! Even though May was tough on my digestive system, I did enjoy the vegetarian foods that I hadn’t been allowed to eat during my Paleo month in April. Yay for bread and cheese!

Here’s the thing though: I honestly have been more forgetful than usual this month. I left my keys at home at least three times, and left my cell phone behind twice. Also, apparently I owe my loved ones an apology, as I was told by a few close friends and family members this weekend that I have been cranky.  If you’re a new vegetarian and have ever had these types of symptoms, I’d love to hear from you!

Vegetarian Diet: A Breakdown

Difficulty: Preparing the food and finding veg options when dining out (healthy or not) was easy. Digesting all of that fiber: hard.

Expense: Cheap. Beans, fruits and veggies are way less expensive when compared to animal products. But my grocery bill was higher than last month (about $320) since I was buying veggies for me and meat for Vin (I just can’t understand why he didn’t want to go vegetarian!) Note from Vin: “I like food to taste good, and have been given teeth meant to tear apart animal flesh.”

What I Ate: All of the same veggies as I did with Paleo (kale, spaghetti squash, sweet potatoes, broccoli, etc) plus a ton of beans. I also ate a lot more mushrooms this month as a substitute for meat. My grains of choice were quinoa, brown rice, and Ezekial bread.

Energy Level: The first two weeks I felt a big drop in energy. Now that it’s been 30 days, I feel my energy is restored.

Body Changes: No change. I’m exactly the same as the end of last month. So eating carbs doesn’t automatically equal weight gain. Sorry Paleo.

Food Time!

One of the best things I made this month is a Thai red curry Kabucha squash recipe I found at

Yes, I know it’s not Kabucha squash season (duh), but this is America, dammit, where you can eat out-of-season foods with abandon! I served it over a combo of brown rice and cauliflower “rice”. If you’ve never heard of cauliflower rice, give it a try. It can add bulk to a grain dish, or replace the grains altogether. There are hundreds of blogs with methods to make cauliflower rice, but really, all you have to do is put dry florets in a food processor and pulse until you get that “grainy” look. Then, in small batches, toast up the cauliflower in a dry non-stick pan. Don’t overload the pan, or the cauliflower will just steam instead of toast. You can also do all of the prep work in the food processor , then freeze it until you are ready to toast  it up.

Here’s the finished product:photo (29)The recipe is a little conservative in the spice department. I like things hot, so I added an extra TB of red curry paste. 

June is Vegan month. I’m a little worried about 30 days of no eggs, which is a pretty big staple in my diet. If you’re a vegan and have any tips or questions, please hit me up on or talk to me on Twitter @AmyBlitz1


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