The Stuff You Have to Add to Your Smoothie! (and I don’t mean tequila)

It’s mid-way through September, and the 28 Day Blitz rages on! Hmmm, maybe rages is the wrong word in my case. Let’s say that the 28 Day Blitz nagged at me as I tried to navigate a social life with long-lost friends this past Sunday. I was all set to tuck into my cheat meal–the best veggie burger in NYC, located at La Flaca down on the lower East Side. (Go there ASAP) I had good intentions and ordered a salad with said veggie burger. Unfortunately, the *200 margaritas I drank after  dinner definitely negated my best intentions.


*estimate of margaritas, 5 is probably more accurate. 

Just a reminder: the 28 Day Blitz is a challenge to eat only the best, cleanest food during the month of September. No fried foods, nothing overly processed, no ice cream, candy, or chips…and for goodness sake, moderate your alcohol intake please.

So yeah, things happen, even to health-conscious personal trainers who create 28 Day challenges. I don’t let these things set me back, I just shake it off and start over the next day.

Pump Up Your Protein Shake

Thanks to the wisdom of rock star client Kerry, I started adding psyllium seed husk powder to my breakfast smoothie.  Sounds delicious, right? Well, this stuff  almost tasteless and is high in soluble fiber which swells in your stomach, making you feel fuller, longer. The gel that is formed once the powder is mixed with liquid helps move metabolic waste through your intestines.

Uh-huh,that’s right,  it fills you up, then makes you poop. These are good things.

Adding psyllium seed husk powder can also help slow down the breakdown of sugar and fats, which keeps your glucose levels in check. Don’t use the powder if you are already taking medication for constipation.You certainly don’t want to go overboard and have an unfortunate mishap on your commute to work.

A public transportation bathroom, or Hell on Earth. You be the judge. 

I add only 1/2 to 1 tsp in my smoothies, which is enough to thicken and add volume to my breakfast. It really does keep me feeling full, therefore I eat less. Win, win!

Does anyone else use an almost empty nut butter jar as a vessel for their smoothie? I actually can’t wait to get down to the end of a jar so I can enjoy the nutty goodness with whatever concoction I’ve come up with.

photo (42)

Yay! An empty almond butter jar! Obviously, I need to get out more.

Remember, if you have committed to a having a healthy fall, one slip-up is not  justification to let the entire month go.Your next meal is your opportunity to set yourself right and get back on track. Twitter @AmyBlitz1

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